After-Birth-In-home support:
Congratulations on your newest arrivals: Both You and Baby!

That’s right you and your baby are home safely, now its time to rest. Recover and restore. Be cared for! With more focus on personal needs of the family, stellar care to mama and baby, the greater potential for positive recovery outcomes. The days of only focusing on the baby are done. You matter too! I have learned that when you raise a mother up, she becomes all that she needs to be for herself, her baby, and her family. 


Postpartum Planning Session

Your postpartum journey with The Wright Doula begins with a planning consultation to design you an effective, custom plan of care that implements the desires and goals surrounding the care of you, new baby, and your family.

I provide professional guidance to help with identifying key factors that can impact your recovery and integration as a family unit, while offering compassionate and comprehensive techniques to affect the desired outcomes.

Sessions last approximately 2 hours.

Investment: $160


In-Home After-Birth Newborn & Recovery Care

I understand and appreciate that every family comes with their own uniqueness, both individually and collectively, in regards to how they see their life with a new baby.

Once hired, I come to your home and offer support throughout your early postpartum time, effective emotional support to process the birth and the challenges of early parenthood, lactation support, and newborn care/development education and support. I care for your newborn so you can rest, shower, etc., meal preparation and assisting with light housekeeping tasks.

  • Non-judgmental new parent guidance and education
  • Overnight care
  • Lactation and Baby feeding support
  • Light housekeeping/laundry
  • Meal Preparation
  • Professionally vetted resources and information for services needed for the whole family.

Be sure to schedule your postpartum planning session prior to reserving services to ensure availability.

Rates begin at $40/hour


Postpartum Mending

Restoration is the driving force of effective postpartum care”- TWD

After learning that many cultures do postpartum healing much different than how we do in the West. I recognized that the idea of our village has changed tremendously; many postpartum care traditions have become modernized or reduced in visibility, taking with them the essence of why they were cherished and upheld.

Inspired by the Malaysian, Eastern, and other Indigenous cultures, I adapted and created my own brand of wellness restoration called postpartum mending.

After birth, irrespective of how they delivered, the woman’s body has gone through some tremendous changes within and out; changes that require considerable nurturing and attention.

Intentional, focused and compassionate healing for the first few weeks to 60 days following birth, can improve the conditions of postpartum adjustment well beyond the 6 to 8 weeks commonly allotted to families following birth.

Serenity’s Restorative Care

A specifically designed regime centered on restoring and nourishing the new mother. During the session you will receive

  • A warm botanical herbal milk bath
  • Full Body Massage (including abdomen to help with re-balancing the core.)
  • Herbal Vaginal Steaming (includes warm tea to sip while you steam)
  • Warming Herbal Oil applied to belly- to help bring heat and warmth to your body.
  •  Comfortably snug abdominal wrapping in the traditional Malaysian Bengkung Belly binding style or in the Modern style (I will ensure that you are comfortable on how to do this for yourself)
  • A Serving of warm soup while the attendant clears the restoration space and leaves you to your own recovery.
  • A postpartum follow-up visit.

Investment: $555

Bengkung Belly Binding

The focus of this practice is to reintroduce the now open womb to warmth and balance; which eases swollen internal organs to their original state. It helps flatten the belly and firm the abdomen and decrease excess water retention. While improving posture and stabilizing the core, the risks of diastasis-recti and other related discomforts are reduced.

This includes:

  • The Bind itself: Traditional Bind (with knots) or Modern style (with ties)
  • Herbal Paste
  • Full Body massage with warming abdominal Massage
  • Personal Fitting and Tutorial
  • Warm Herbal Tea Served After Binding
  • Postpartum Follow-up visit*

This Service is available as a separate service or along with Serenity’s Restorative Care Package

Investment: $375

R.E.A. L: Restore. Empower. and Love Pregnancy Package

This package is fully loaded with a combination of all the Maternity Support services: 


  • Pre-birth/post-birth visits*
  • Continuous Labor Support
  • 2-Pre-birth massages (includes energetic induction massage, if desired)
  • 2-After-birth massages (includes abdominal restorative techniques)
  • Postpartum Planning session*
  • Postpartum Mending: Serenity’s Restorative Care
  • Post-Birth In-Home Care (up to 16 hours)
  • 2 batches of Lactation Cookies
  • 2 Birth Companion sessions*
  • Meal Preparation

Investment: $5,000

*Services are available virtually upon request

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