Birthing Support:

Full Of Power, Grace and Love She Births.

Labor is as beautiful as it is an overwhelming and can sometimes be a challenging experience. My role as your birth friend is to be just that: your friend in the birth room, with my knowledge of birth, experience and tools to aid you throughout labor. I am not there to run over you or your partner. I am there to assist your family, be present for you and comfort you through the journey that is labor.

Early In-Home Labor Support- This is only for support during labor. This provides you with a physical or virtual support person to assist you through early labor until you are prepared to transfer to your birthing location. This service includes 24/7 access to me from date of signing and maternity visits throughout the length of your pregnancy.

Labor with Me: Recommended but not limited to families who have birthed before.

  • 24/7 Access with me or your assigned doula, beginning immediately by phone, text or Email
  • 3 Maternity visits* prior to delivery: Initial, Birth Planning, Labor Planning
  • Continuous Labor Support (up to 24hours face to face time; if allowed-additional support will be called in to assist after 24hours)
  • Handcrafted Pregnancy Tea and Postpartum  Care Herbs

Investment: $2000

Complete Birthing Support- The Complete Birthing Support combines the education, preparation, team building, skills, and guidance of a professional doula at your birth. Service includes 24/7 access to assigned doula from date of signing, maternity visits throughout length of pregnancy and into postpartum.

Complete  Birthing Support: Suggested but not limited to first time birthing families:

Everything that is in the “Just Labor with Me” PLUS:

  • More Maternity visits throughout your pregnancy (4-6 visits)
  • Childbirth Class* (Private or In-Person Group)
  • Postpartum Planning Session PLUS 8 hours of in-home postpartum care following birth.
  • Paid Access to to create your own visual birth plan. (The visual birth plan is a comprehensive plan where it outlines your personal choices for your birth. It is color coded with thorough explanations of each choice that you can share with your doctor/midwife.)
  • 1- Prenatal Massage (This can be used for a postpartum session, if desired)
  • An Order of Lactation Cookies/Treats

Investment: $3500

R.E.A.L Pregnancy Support Package: Restore, Empower, And Love

Everything that is in the “Complete Birthing Support” PLUS: 

  • 16 hours of in-home postpartum Care
  • Serenity Restoration: A relaxing and rejuvenating postpartum care service (includes herbal milk bath, full body massage and a hand sewn bind- either Traditional Bengkung or Modern)
  • 2 Additional Massages
  • 2 additional Batches of Lactation Cookies
  • 3 Meals- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Investment: $5000

**Please ask about the installment plans available for your desired package.

All Packages include access to professional resources used through the community to assist during pregnancy and beyond as well as, discounted rates on select products and services (chiropractic, birth/new family photography, lactation coaching, placenta encapsulation, etc.)



“It is my deepest honor to sit powerfully at the seat of creation as it is happening. To hold the hand and the heart of a woman as she gives birth unto herself and her child ” – Natasha, The Wright Doula

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