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Pre-Birthing Support: Preparation

My Prenatal services are geared toward you having a healthy, pleasing and empowering pregnancy. From our visits to prenatal massages, your wellness, your confidence, and your enjoyment throughout your pregnancy are my main focus. You deserve to be well, happy and supported. That is why I am here.


Childbirth Classes*

Two- 2-hour classes that offer you and your partner or labor companion the chance to understand childbirth and all its simple intricacies, and learn how to support during labor.  We will discuss options for handling the changing discomforts of labor. You will practice methods such as breathing techniques, relaxation, and visualization for coping with contraction/ waves/surges. Each session is cumulative, meaning each class builds off the previous one. Pregnancy is distinctive for everyone. We keep our classes small to give you the intentional focus your pregnancy deserves. Each couple receives a copy of the childbirth curriculum for independent learning and exploration. 

*Classes are available virtually upon request

Investment: $225

Birth Companion Session

60-min; In-person or Virtual session designed to prepare the birthing partner for what they may experience in the delivery space as well as equipping them with the skills, tools, and knowledge to know how and when to best assist their laboring person. It focuses primarily on the language and evolution of labor, key points of birth plan and your role as companion and advocate. 

This session can be used as a moment of safe communication with me as their doula and team mate. So often in pregnancy, the partner can feel forgotten or just not as important.  More than that , they can feel unprepared, insecure, & vulnerable.  Having a time set aside for them to vent, clear, and gain insight and information that focuses and prepares them can really connect a bridge of communication and empathy.  

*Sessions are available virtually upon request

Investment: $125

Prenatal Massage

Massage is literally the saving grace for mothers and that ever-changing bodies. Pregnancy effects every person holistically. Being trained and specializing in prenatal massage, I know that massage has the capability to affect the right kind of changes for a mother.  This almost 2-hour session takes place in your home where i arrive, setup, and perform the side-lying massage complete with custom designed bolster pillows. My attention to your comfort makes for a smooth and truly therapeutic experience.

Suggestion:  Pair prenatal massage paired with effective Webster certified chiropractic therapy is dynamic duo in relief for you.

Investment: $185

Energetic Induction Massage: 

“Those final days and weeks of your pregnancy can definitely be a challenge. Eager families, busy doctors, and of course anxious moms are all feeling the nerves. I began offering this method of massage after attending an acupressure course about 3 years ago. I loved the ease and effectiveness of the techniques in conjunction with massage”

I have crafted a unique and non-invasive way to help encourage natural induction using a combination of specialized prenatal massage techniques and meridian acupressure, music, ambient lighting, crystals and essential oils. This 2-hour full body session geared toward helping the body relax and open for a natural induction flow.

Disclaimer: Best results occur after 39 weeks and with a positive mindset. Results vary. Follow up visits are safely encouraged as needed.

Investment: $235

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